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Italy requiring solar module recycling a key step in photovoltaic energy

Por • 11 abr, 2014 • Category: International News

Italy becomes the first major PV market to implement the EU recast WEEE Directive (2012/19/EU), to ensure the correct treatment of waste of electrical and electronic equipment. Based on the notion of ‘Extended Producer Responsibility’. The legislative decree n°49/2014 defines ‘Producers’ as comprising all companies or individuals located in Italy and manufacturing and selling, reselling […]

PROINSO INDIA signs Distribution Agreement with JINKO SOLAR

Por • 11 abr, 2014 • Category: International News

The agreement reached with the Chinese manufacturer will help PROINSO to increase its portfolio in India, where it opened its own sales office two years ago and where it has already supplied 100 MW of modules and SMA inverters. PROINSO India Announced that it has signed a distribution agreement with a global leader in the […]

Gemasolar wins DESERTEC Award 2014

Por • 9 abr, 2014 • Category: International News

Four nominated power plants advance the global energy transition DESERTEC awards the Spanish power plant Gemasolar of the operating company Torresol Energy with the DESERTEC Award 2014. The decisive criterion for granting the award was the technical innovation in the field of thermal heat storage for a reliable energy supply. The solar thermal power plant […]

Renusol to unveil rail-free east/west mounting system at Intersolar

Por • 8 abr, 2014 • Category: International News

Modular design with just four components reduces installation and storage costs The Cologne-based mounting systems manufacturer Renusol is set to present its new, rail-free mounting system for photovoltaic plants with east/west orientation at Intersolar 2014. The FS10 system comprises just four main components, meaning that in addition to reducing storage costs, it can be installed […]

Kyocera Solar Modules Show 5% Degradation after 10 Years

Por • 17 feb, 2014 • Category: International News

Kyocera Corporation announced that its solar modules installed at the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE) have been independently tested and their performance levels verified, showing an exceptional output even after 10 years of operation. Europe’s largest solar research institute in Germany, ISE installed a test system with the Kyocera modules equipped with high-precision […]

NREL Compares Concentrated Solar Power Technologies

Por • 13 feb, 2014 • Category: International News

Parabolic troughs and dry-cooled towers deliver similar value for concentrating solar power (CSP) plants, despite different solar profiles, a new report by the US Energy Department’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory has found. The report, “Estimating the Performance and Economic Value of Multiple Concentrating Solar Power Technologies in a Production Cost Model,” found that the value […]

Germany Energy Minister Proposes Cuts to Renewable Subsidies, Industry Reacts

Por • 20 ene, 2014 • Category: International News

 German Energy Minister Sigmar Gabriel is scheduled to propose renewable energy reform on Wednesday. In an effort to reduce government spending and slow the increase in energy costs, Gabriel proposes to cut subsides for renewable sources from €0.17 per kilowatt-hour (kWh) to €0.12 per kWh by 2015, according to several reports. For onshore wind in […]

Webinar: Guidance for potential applicants in preparation for the second cycle of the IRENA/ADFD Project Facility

Por • 16 dic, 2013 • Category: Agenda, Formación, International News

The IRENA in December is briefing would-be applicants and interested stakeholders on the requirements and application process for its joint project-finance facility with the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development.

RESOL control technology – with the right accessories at hand

Por • 10 dic, 2013 • Category: Fototérmica, International News

Because measurement technology and control technology belong together, RESOL always keeps up-to-date with measurement technology in order to offer a perfectly matched product range. Therefore, RESOL offers various sensor technologies along with a number of different mounting types and matching immersion sleeves in many sizes. The product portfolio includes digital as well as analogue Grundfos Direct Sensors™, Pt1000 and semiconductor temperature sensors, flowmeters and flow […]

SHC 2013 ends on a high note: Solar heating and cooling has big role to play in buildings and industry

Por • 26 sep, 2013 • Category: International News

SHC 2013, the 2nd International Conference on Solar Heating and Cooling for Buildings and Industry ended today in Freiburg, Germany. For three days, 400 experts from around the world discussed technological developments, markets and political framework conditions. Never before was solar thermal used as much as today. And its use for industrial processes, for cooling […]